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Paid black and white protesters are being used as pawns by Soros/Obama.

When will the black and white people wake up and realize that the communist/muslim Democrat Party is using them to do their dirty work.  The blacks continue to bring up slavery but they don’t realize – they continue to be just that – slaves to the party under Obama that didn’t give a “damn” about them.  Obama spent eight years tearing up the blacks’ progress and dividing the country.  Now that same party through Soros/Obama are paying these same people to tear down statues and protesting in cities.

Why is it Soros/Obama don’t take the money they are wasting on all of these protesters who are tearing up cities and then going to jail – instead using that money to prop up these protesters in a new house or sponsor them in a business of their own instead of sponsoring them to go to jail?

Obama was a failure for the black people – he spent and stole so much money; but , didn’t help the black people – but they still do their dirty work.  It is hard to understand their mentality.  The blacks get nothing in return.  Is it their minds just can’t be turned around?  Obama/Soros keep taking that ladder of success out from under them and they continue to be stuck in neutral.

A good example was that young lady who is attending college and had a bright future –  and in one minute she climbed up that ladder for Soros/Obama and look at her now – charged with a crime.  She is the one who is charged not Obama/Soros.  She is the one who has lost her future  – not Soros/Obama.  When will the black people wake up and realize Soros/Obama are using them as pawns to build their muslim/communist party which will leave the blacks still in neutral.  Obama is not working for the blacks – he is working for the muslims.

Soros/Obama and the dark government should be declared terrorists and run out of the country – is that asking too much out of our government.  They keep after the little guy when you have to cut the heads of the snakes off and put them out of business.  Soros’ business is worldwide and needs to be stopped.



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