KOMMONSENTSJANE – What’s Up, Imran? By: We The People.

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We have to keep this story alive – there is more to it than we are told.

We must purge our government of all foreign workers because with the Obama administration they were like cock roaches – in every nook and cranny.  They were called the Muslim Brotherhood.  Why would you entrust our secrets to any foreigner – pray tell me – like Wasserman Schultz did? These people were hired by Congressman Andre Ware, Democrat from Indiana who is a muslim, to infiltrate our Congress and Ware has to be impeached because of his collusion with the enemy.


We the People of the United States

There’s a break in the Awan Scandal. What’s that you say? You never heard of the Awan Scandal? That’s no surprise, because it involves Democrats, whom the media bend themselves into pretzels to avoid exposing to due scrutiny.

Imran Awan was arrested at Dulles airport by the FBI, going on the lam, exiting the country, stage left (or right, depending upon his ultimate destination, which was probably his native Pakistan).

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