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A blast from the past which must be brought into play in President Trump’s plans. We must move Sessions into another job to go forward because right now we are stuck in neutral – with the man who is part of this evil, Mueller, is silently working in the background to put this country back in the hands of the Democrats who have been hijacked by muslims/communists – the One World Order and wealth distribution.

Sure enough –  Obama/Hillary/Comey/Mueller are all guilty of treason because of the crimes they have committed and it is time for the Trump administration to move this into the “GUILTY” column.


Arlin Report

 Word has been spreading that Obama has this shadow government set up.  The source of the White House leaks are from the trash he left behind.  Saul Alinsky tactics are/would be in play; working to perfection….destructive perfection.   This all makes sense, unless you are blind to what takes place everyday from the left, the Democrats.   The left in collaboration with the biased news media attack the Trump administration daily, without confirmation, verification.   Unadulterated fiction rules the day.  Trump is 100% correct, the Democrats have lost it, they have no sense of reality.   What is going on is treasonous….and the American people should be in an uproar.  If Obama’s interference of this administration is true, and I suspect it is (where there is smoke there is fire, with Obama a WILD FIRE), this is a blatant example of TREASON.

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The hidden politics…

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