OBAMA SET UP METHODS FOR CONFUSION AND TO HOLD BACK CHILDREN TO DUMB UP THE CHILDREN.  That is why our educational system has been such a failure.  Certainly, don’t blame parents for home schooling and sending them to a private school.

I still am asking where were our elected officials from our home towns who knew what Obama was doing to our children and our people and stood by allowing this to happen.  THEY HAVE A DUTY TO ANSWER THIS.  PEOPLE – START ASKING YOUR ELECTED OFFICIAL.  THEY OWE IT TO THE PEOPLE.

After reviewing this example of common core – no wonder our government is in the shape it is in and ending up with debt that is double the size when Obama the snake came into office.

We have to get back to the basics in every state and quit his horsing around with our kids.  This is a crime.

Common Core Gets Exposed in Brutal Fashion With Just 1 Parents Photo

By Davis
on August 9, 2017 at 6:40am

The past few months of President Donald Trump’s first term have been filled with news about health care, Russia, Iran, North Korea, tax reform and a whole laundry list of other things.

However one issue that hasn’t received as much attention as it should is Common Core. Back in 2014, a photo of the type of math Common Core was teaching America’s children went viral, NBC News reported.

The photo showed the difference between the “old way” of subtracting numbers, and the “new way” that is so horribly complicated it takes forever to figure out what any of it even means.

That is what I would expect for someone as ignorant as Obama.  It is called CONFUSION.



You can’t make this stuff up?  I still think we need to start giving IQ tests to our children.

We definitely need to give IQ tests to our elected officials before they can run for office.

In fact, Common Core was often referred to as “Satan’s handiwork” by parents who couldn’t understand their children’s homework, which also meant they couldn’t help their children understand what they were supposed to be doing.

Common Core was yet another failed policy of President Barack Obama, who seemed to think that standardizing the American education system would somehow make everyone smarter.

(If you call this standardizing by Obama – we need to have his head examined.  This was only set  up for confusing purposes and to hold our white children back – plain and simple.  When will this man be brought to justice?  No wonder the teachers could not be teach.)

All it did was cause tremendous headaches around the nation, as well as incredible backlash. As with most things, trying to have the government create a standardized approach to a complicated issue failed miserably.

KSTU reported that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos came out against Common Core after she was tapped by Trump to be Secretary of Education — though she was associated with groups who supported Common Core.

The Washington Times reported that back in April, DeVos claimed that Common Core wasn’t really an issue anymore — even though many states around the nation are still using it.

“There’s isn’t really any Common Core anymore, and each state is able to set the standards for their state,” she explained.

To be fair, states were able to choose to implement Common Core — though they were somewhat coerced into doing so by the promise of federal funding.

(It was all about money, again.)

Common Core isn’t easy to kill since the states can still chose to implement it, and many of them are happy to continue to leave Common Core in place — even if it isn’t what America’s students need.

Hopefully the Trump administration will find a way to purge Common Core from our school systems before an entire generation of students is destroyed by another failed Obama program.


President Trump has to change this back to a sensible way of learning.  Common core has to be outlawed.



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