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No, I won’t vote because why should I put that idiot Obama on the same level as our President. I did not vote for him. Obama is not good enough to shine the president’s shoes. He wasn’t our leader in America. He was the emam for the muslims he dragged into this country. He didn’t use the Constitution – he used the Sharia law. So there is no comparison to make.


Obama abused our country and our people for eight years. The end result is that he is a muslim through and through and he sure isn’t an American – he hates the country and the people.  He sure didn’t  help the black people.

Bring me a comparison who is an American.  Obama should be arrested for treason.


Fellowship of the Minds

Scott Dworkin calls himself a leader of the “Resistance” and is the co-founder of Democratic Coalition Against Trump.

DworkinT has a poll on his Twitter account, on whether Trump or Obama is the better President.

The current vote count:

54% Barack vs. 46% Trump.

Go vote for Trump!

And invite your friends and families to vote. Spread this far and wide via email and social media.


Less than an hour after I published this post, Dworkin took down the poll from his Twitter, which you can verify for yourself by clicking here.

That means you can no longer vote. But it also means that votes for President Trump outnumbered those for Obama, which prompted Dworkin to delete the poll.

Dworkin is a POS just like Obama.


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