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“Pay For My Stuff!!” Entitled Millennial Gets Destroyed!

Wow—Our educational system needs a COMPLETE overhaul—get some reality back in the system and quit teaching these impressionable kids these ridiculous pie in the sky ideas. He totally defeated her and she has NO idea but just ‘wants what she wants’ without really thinking through what her premise results in. This is a whole generation of “spoiled brats” who feel totally justified thinking the world ‘owes’ them—for what?

Please note in the video whereby she states, “all of her family are on the government’s public dole.”

This young lady needs to take a look at the colleges and the past Obama administration where they continue to gouge the families of these students by increasing the costs of college.  That is where we need to clean house and that is to make the rich schools who are heavily endowed with money and property and then living off the taxpayer and still being subsidized by each state.

This young lady needs to have her group look at the colleges’ income and how rich they all are and the colleges are building resorts for the professors.  The

Almost unbelievable…….but for sure very scary!

We can thank our educational system for her thoughts and deeds.


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