KOMMONSENTSJANE – New aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford has no urinals – (Thanks to Turd Blossom Obama)

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FCC AND PRESIDENT TRUMP – a good example of censoring – need to split up these companies and give others a chance of having a business.  These people are working for Turd blossom and the dark government.

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Houston, we have a problem.  Google and Microsoft are censoring me again on the main frame –  they are omitting my part of this reblog.  Strange how they treat our President Trump and let all of these turd blossoms rag on him but won’t let conservatives tell the truth about the head Turd blossom and his pootie poots?

Thank you Fellowship of Minds for allowing me to say my peace against Obama who was the sorriest person who cheated to become elected and history will prove it.

The description of urinals was very well covered and the photo of Obama, we will refer to Obama from Bush II’s list of names of people who covered the water front which is Turd Blossom – and the urinal reference will be pootie poots.

One thing for sure, the sailors on this ship don’t have to worry about running to a bath room when they have the open sea to pee in. Just love all of this TMI -too much information..

If someone’s aim is so bad they can’t hit the pootie poot when peeing – then how did they pass the “aim and shoot” part of their training.

There is something that always bothers me when I see a pootie poot in a bathroom – it is a luxury not a necessity.

Time to get to the serious stuff – like winning the war against these rag heads and putting the whole Obama gang in prison for treason –  like yesterday.


Fellowship of the Minds

On July 22, 2017, President Donald Trump participated in the stirring ceremony commissioning a new aircraft carrier — the $12.9 billion, 100,000-ton, 3-football-fields, made-in-America, state-of-the-art U.S.S. Gerald R. Ford.

Trump said: “Wherever this vessel cuts through the horizon, our allies will rest easy and our enemies will shake with fear because everyone will know that America is coming, and America is coming strong.”

What is little known about the new aircraft carrier is this:

The carrier has no urinals — although the vast majority (82%) of the carrier’s 5,000 plus sailors are men, and although urinals are cheaper, more sanitary, and take up less space than stalls with flush toilets.

Peter Rathmell reports for Navy Times, July 21, 2017:

“The new aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford has all sorts of high-tech gear equipped for 21st century naval warfare. But there is one thing that male sailors will notice is…

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