Thanks to Bush II for the name – very clever.

The play here is not Sessions per say, it has been to get a Democrat controlled special prosecutor named to obstruct and slow down the Trump administration. Its been planned out by the Democrats since at least Jan 12th.

This is what is going on with special counsel Mueller.

The hidden politics behind the Jeff Sessions smear. This was set up by Obama in January. (self.The_Donald)

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The first and main goal of this smear campaign is to get a special prosecutor appointed so that the Dems can take any investigation away from the AG office all together and go on a long long fishing expedition.

There is much more Obama/Trump AG stuff going on behind the scenes than anyone is reporting. Obama was #2 AG shopping the last days of his presidency so that when Sessions recused himself, Obamas hand picked AG will take over and appoint a special prosecutor. Donna Brazile is involved.

“Seven days before he left office, President Obama changed the order of succession without explanation to remove Boente from the list.”


See below:  These are the traps that Obama set before his final day.

Without fanfare, Trump reverses Obama order on Justice Department succession

Gregory Korte, USA TODAYPublished 3:46 p.m. ET Feb. 10, 2017

WASHINGTON — President Trump has quietly signed an executive order changing the order of succession in the Department of Justice, reversing an executive order by President Obama signed just last month.

The order appears to be the first that Trump has not signed in a public ceremony. It’s dated Thursday — the same day Attorney General Jeff Sessions was sworn in — but was not posted to the White House website until Friday morning. The White House did not explain the discrepancy.

The executive order spells out who will act as the nation’s highest law enforcement officer if the attorney general dies, resigns or becomes incapacitated. Such orders have been routine since the 2001 terrorist attacks, but Trump’s is notable becomes it comes two weeks after he fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to defend his executive order banning travelers from seven predominately Muslim countries.

That time, Trump went outside the official order of succession — as he has the right to do — to elevate Dana Boente, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, to acting attorney general.

Because the Senate has not confirmed any other top Justice Department officials, Boente will continue to be second in the line of succession under Trump’s order, followed by Zachary Fardon, the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, and Tammy Dickinson, the U.S. attorney for the Western District of Missouri.

Seven days before he left office, President Obama changed the order of succession without explanation to remove Boente from the list. Obama’s order had listed U.S. attorneys in the District of Columbia, the Northern District of Illinois and the Central District of California.

The top positions remain unchanged: the deputy attorney general, the associate attorney general and — at the discretion of the attorney general — the solicitor general and other assistants. But because those positions are now officially vacant, the order currently skips to the Senate-confirmed U.S. attorneys.

Trump’s executive actions come faster and in different forms than before.


Obama signed a EO and Trump reversed it.

The Special Prosecutor is of course what tripped up Bill Clinton. Obama learned from that bad experience and that’s why he would never let a SP take over the Hillary investigation.

While technically the Clinton impeachment ended in Republican failure, it kept the Clinton administration on the ropes and in the negative news for years. It was highly successful in slowing down the Clinton administration and that’s the ultimate goal of the Dems with this Jeff Session move.

Another goal of course is to get Sessions to quit but if that happens Trump can then put in a non campaign connected AG that can more easily refuse to appoint a SP.

That’s why Obama had changed the AG succession before he left office. Because even if the #2 was temporary, it would be long enough to appoint a SP before the next AG comes in.

Make no mistake, a SP leads to executive branch gridlock no matter how little is found on Russia. It will be used as a blunt instrument to seek out more fake bullshit to slow and stall and nip at Trumps presidency from day 1 to the next election.

Whoever the #2 AG is, if not loyal to Obama, will be taken down by the press as their next move. That’s Boente. But Boente was originally appointed by Obama BEFORE Obama removed him from the line of succession (and Trump put him back) so its still unclear at the moment where his loyalties are but its assumed Boente would have rejected the appointment if he did not agree with Trump on immigration policy.


Obama and the Dems sat on it until they needed to blunt the bounce of any Trump media victory’s like his joint session speech. Expect more moves like this anytime Trump has a great day for the rest of his Presidency.

Edit: The current Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia is Channing D. Phillips. That’s who Obama elevated to the #2.

Phillips was recommended to the appointment by 25 year (D) Eleanor Holmes Norton. She is a superdelegate and her campaign manager was Donna Brazile.


Again, in conclusion, the play here is not Sessions per say, it has been to get a Democrat controlled special prosecutor named to obstruct and slow down the Trump administration. Its been planned out by the Democrats since at least Jan 12th.

This whole thing looks worse than I thought. Trump and Sessions need to go on the offensive against treason, corruption, and mishandling of classified information committed by Clinton and Obama. That’s the only way to regain the initiative now that they’ve exposed themselves to this Obama machination.

And the other part of the story is that Loretta Lynch when documenting subjects and projects used alias names so that when a file was requested – it wasn’t always under the subject matter.  Therefore, if a FOIA was submitted the reply was –  no information on the matter.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a United States federal law that grants the public access to information possessed by government agencies. Upon written request, U.S. government agencies are required to release information unless it falls under one of nine exemptions listed in the Act.

It is time for these people to be tried for treason.


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