KOMMONSENTSJANE – I Think I Know The Problem…By: Desert Musings/Arlin Report

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It is time for the CONVENTION OF STATES. The people who we have elected have become dysfunctional and are not working for the people but themselves.

Time to hook them up to the same insurance machine we have and see if “maybe” they won’t come to their senses.

They “put on their drawers” just like the rest of us and need to be treated the same.

Also, they should not live in DC – they need to have so many days each year to do their job in DC and then have a REAL job back home. If they can’t do the job in so many days then they need to be replaced.  Too much time is used “doing nothing but ragging.”


Desert Musings

One of the things that I’ve been wracking what’s left of my addle-minded brain with is what in hell is the problem in Washington, DC? We’ve gone for over 240 years with the same type of government, and all of a sudden it’s dysfunctional? I don’t think so. There has to be something wrong, and after a rare tweet from Donald Trump (tongue firmly planted in cheek), I think I’ve found the problem…

It’s Congress.

It’s not Trump. It wasn’t Obama (though he still sucked as president), and it’s not the liberal judges on the appellate courts. It’s Congress. That is the crux of the problem we are seeing in DC right now. Let me explain.

I saw a Trump Tweet over the weekend that said that the problem was Congress should be paying for what the rest of America is paying for. He was talking about healthcare, and he’s…

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