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Yes, from time to time you have to make some people “eat the feathers” instead of the “chicken,” otherwise, there wouldn’t be any progress. Sure am glad that Preibus got the feathers on his plate this time. He was the “pig in the poke.”


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If you listen to the Main Stream Media, you would tend to believe this is the first time there has ever been any sort of chaos from the White House.   If WH staffers, from the President on down to the Head Chef never got into an argument or shouting match, they probably don’t care enough about doing a good job or they aren’t doing their job at all.  Even the Kennedy brothers argued.   Nixon?   Calm as kitten right?   Oh, and lets not forget about the Clinton’s.   Hillary from what we have learned threw a few lamp shades, talked to portraits of dead presidents and possibly had Vince Foster shot inside the White House.   Bill Clinton?  I guess sex with an intern in the Oval Office and what he experienced underneath our desk with a cigar while moaning in personal pleasure may not seem chaotic but should not have been so acceptable as normal…

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