We have to prosecute those politicians who are working against our country, NOW.  We have congressmen and senators who are not working for the good of America – but have their own agenda.  We must part  the waves and send those who will not work for the good of the country and its people packing in the next election.

A good example are those who voted against repealing Obamacare which is hurting our country – John McCain, Arizona, Suzanne Collins, Maine, Lisa Murkowski, Alaska and the Democratic muslim/communist Party.  What we need to do is:


Dear Mr. President:

Shared from the Great America Pac.


Urge President Trump to mandate Congress share the same healthcare plan as the American people.

Establishment Republican politicians in Congress/Senate and the Democrat muslim/communists voted to keep Obamacare – the disaster that is negatively impacting the lives of millions of Americans.

But what you may not know is:
Congress is fully EXEMPT from Obamacare and the same limited healthcare choices enforced on the American people thanks to loopholes created for Congress and the insurance companies.

That’s why I’m asking you to join me by sending a letter to President Trump urging him to mandate Congress have the same healthcare as the American people. No exemptions, no exceptions – period.

Let them enjoy the same penalties they have placed on the American people.


Tell President Trump you want Congress to share the same healthcare plans as every American.

We need to secure 100,000 more signatures to reach the President.  Send the President your personal email letter.

If we can force Congress to share the burden of Obamacare with the rest of the American people, they will have no choice but to take action to repeal and replace our imploding healthcare system once and for all

Thanks to loopholes created by Barack Obama at the request of Congress, both the House of Representatives and Senate are FULLY EXEMPT from buying their healthcare plans from exchanges under Obamacare. Why? Because Congress was designated as a ‘small business’ by Barack Obama himself.

That’s where you come in — I’m asking you to sign your personalized “NO EXEMPTIONS – NO EXCEPTIONS” letter and to help me help me gather the 100,000 signatures that is needed to send to President Trump.

Your letter and the signatures of 100,000 fellow Americans urging President Trump to revoke Congress’ Obamacare exemptions will get Washington’s attention — will you sign your personalized “NO EXEMPTIONS – NO EXCEPTIONS” letter right now?









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