KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Uncivil War – Obama “SET UP” – AP Refuses To Remove Pence Wife’s Email Address Story. Reclaim Our Republic

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Just how deep-seeded are the muslims in our government?  After the Wasserman Schultz’s involvement whereby her office in conjunction with Nancy Pelosi, all democrats, hired Pakastani IT employees (four out of the same family who escaped with Schultz and Pelosi’s laptop classified info and was forwarding it daily elsewhere for safe-keeping and  with salaries triple of what Americans in the same job were making.

She stated that no one in the USA had the experience to do the job in her office that needed to be done – stealing secrets from the USA) only tells you what Obama and the democrats did to our government while in office.  How many more foreigners do we have that are silently stealing our secrets?

Islam’s rules state they can steal from anyone if they are an imbecile and they did a bang-up job on the taxpayer.  They had taken out real estate loans in the millions under false pretenses and they did a big fraud number on the banks.

Why would we have even one foreign person working in our government?  As we all know they are there for spying purposes.  If the FBI missed this group of people who were right under their nose – why – because they were too busy listening to hard-working Americans.

Time to clamp down on foreigners working in our government, today, not tomorrow.


Reclaim Our Republic

Uncivil War


The WAH! Partytm’s (formerly known as the Democratic Party) mandate (Whining And Hypocrisy) was on full display this past week, especially at Tuesday’s address to Congress by President Trump.  For instance –

  • Not standing for the widow of a slain Navy SEAL.
  • Booing during calls to put aside trivial politics
  • Sitting stone-faced during statements that America needs to become great again
  • Grumbling about the need to secure the borders for the security of the nation

Tuesday’s address was seen even by the Liberal MSM as the moment that Trump “…became President of the United States…” – [van Jones, CNN]  But the attacks against President Trump and his administration have continued.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself (under pressure) from any investigations and cases concerning the 2016 election in reaction to the news release that he met with the Russian ambassador…

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