The Democrats even placed spanish words at the polls so that the immigrants who were illegally voting would know they were in the right place.


DNC Chair

When Wasserman Schultz was the head of the DNC, the organization was filled with intrigue and mayhem. A number of Democrats, mostly Bernie Sanders supporters, have banded together and filed a law suit against the DNC and Wasserman Schultz for voter fraud and other consumer fraud issues. It is clear to most that Wasserman Schultz was part of the Democratic Primary Election fraud in concert with the now infamous George Soros tainted voting machines and this is the very least of her transgressions.


Haven’t these democrats been ragging that there was no voter fraud in any election?

Now that our Voter Integrity Commission has been appointed and working for President Trump – this only proves by the democrats that voter fraud is rampant in this country.  At the time, Obama told all illegals to go and vote and not one thing would be done to them.  (Why isn’t he arrested for treason?)

In fact, California, New  York, and other democrat states are refusing to let the commission view their registration rolls.  A court order should be issued to make them release the info or someone goes to jail.  Time to “put the pedal to the metal.”

We must have a tamper proof voter card with photo and finger print – plain and simple.



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