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Nancy Pelosi gave Muslim Brotherhood access to secret intel!?

Nancy Pelosi

July 28, 2017
The latest scandal to come out of the Democratic Party could be the biggest one to date — but the mainstream media is silent!

An IT aide to former head of the Democratic National Convention, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, smashed her hard drives and wired $283,000 to Pakistan where he has alleged ties to the Muslim Brotherhood before being caught attempting to flee the country Tuesday.

But Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange just drew attention to an overlooked connection between House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and the criminal IT aide, Imran Awan.

Assange tweeted an email that was released when the DNC was hacked, but didn’t become relevant until this week.
The email shows that none other than Imran was in possession of Pelosi’s iPad when she was in a closed door meeting.


That means this Muslim Brotherhood linked traitor, with extensive knowledge of technology, had access to the private emails and likely classified information of a top government official.

It seems that Pelosi is now wrapped into this massive scandal that has left Debbie Wasserman Shultz “barely able to function,” according to an insider.

And it’s no surprise.

Shultz is facing scrutiny not only for being so unaware of Awan’s foreign ties, but for allowing him to continue cashing in on taxpayer dollars, even after suspicions were raised.

Schultz, among other Democratic leaders, put Awan and his whole family on their payroll as IT staffers. In addition to classified U.S. intelligence, the family got away with more than $4 million in taxpayer dollars.

When the investigation into the family went public, officials who had hired them quickly removed the Awan’s from their payroll.

Except for Shultz, who continued giving Awan taxpayer’s dollars until he was arrested Tuesday.

While Awan has been arrested, his wife made it to Pakistan with $12,000 in cash, and an unknown amount of American intel.

Shultz is going to have to pull herself together, because calls for her to testify to Congress are increasing.

As we all know, the government is riddled with the Muslim Brotherhood who have access to all intel – why are these people so irresponsible.






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