Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, were convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage in 1951, were put to death in the electric chair. The execution marked the dramatic finale of the most controversial espionage case of the Cold War. Julius was arrested in July 1950, and Ethel in August –  Rosenbergs executed – Jun 19, 1953 – HISTORY.com.

The problem with our present congress and senate is they are afraid of the Clinton dynasty and what they will do to anyone.  That is why they let our government (during Obama) get into the shape it is now in and it looks like AG Session is too sympathetic with a former colleague, called Hillary Clinton.  It is best that Session step aside and let someone else do the job he is unable to do because of this alliance.

If he let’s her skate through her crimes then he is not doing his job.

The whole Obama government has to be investigated.  If not, our country will never be the same.  The problem is – the Democrats have become muslims/communists and the Repubicans – some Elites have joined the muslims/communist party.  We have to correct this in the next election.


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