July 24, 2017
Soros Plot to Establish Muslim Rule Uncovered
True Daily Staff

July 24, 2017
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban launched another attack on billionaire investor George Soros Saturday, saying he works with European Union leaders to establish a “new, mixed, Muslimized Europe.”

(Thank you Prime Minister Orban.)

(So true.  This has been going on also in the U.S.  Obama with the backing of Soros dumped the Constitution and was using Sharia law in the U.S.  Both of them have committed treason again the American people.)
Orban vowed to continue Hungary’s efforts to block Soros and the EU from increasing Muslim migration to Europe during a speech in Romania. Hungary opposes immigrants “who could change the country’s cultural identity,” Orban said, adding that “Western European Christians will always be able to find security” in his country.
Orban and Soros have traded barbs for several months as Hungary strives to halt the billionaire’s operations in the country.
The government has accused Soros of pushing for a one million migrant influx to Europe through his NGOs. Zoltan Kovacs, a spokesman for Orban, recently told The Daily Caller News Foundation that the war against Soros has become “a matter of national security.”

Originally published by the Daily Caller.

We finally have a man, Prime Minister Orban, who has common sense and is trying to save his country – something France, Germany, and Great Britain could take some lessons because they have lost their country.

Orban is trying to protect the culture of his country because he sees what is happening in Europe.  You can pin the tail on the donkey Obama, Soros, and Hillary Clinton for causing all of the regime changes in the Middle East  They should be charged for high crimes because all of the people who have died, especially the Christians.

When is the U.S going to arrest them for the high crimes they have committed in the U.S.  Soros funded the protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson when they burned down the towns.






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July 24, 2017
I believe it’s past time to stop talking about these criminals that are trying to destroy our country, and the people of our country! We are fed up with the criminals and the illegals still walking our streets and causing trouble! They all have to go now!

Jeffrey Cahoon
July 24, 2017
Soros should be stopped from doing what he is doing! He will drop dead from old age at some period, but not soon enough! I guess no one has the balls to whack this old F***!


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