Smug College Kid Shut Down After Professor Hits Him With a Truth Cruise Missile
By Martin Lioll
on July 21, 2017 at 6:36am

Socialism is all the rage on our college campuses nowadays. What’s responsible for it? The cool factor of Bernie Sanders? A complete failure of knowledge? Indoctrination by the public education system? The ghost of Alger Hiss haunting middle schools built on top of communist graveyards?

Except for the last one, I’m pretty inclined to believe all of these played a part. And, if you believe the last one is operative in your community, I’d urge you to burn an effigy of Whittaker Chambers along with a stick of incense made of pulped-up pages from William F. Buckley’s “God and Man at Yale.”
I hear the smoke from that clears things right up. Or get a prescription for Seroquel, one of the two.

However, no matter how widespread the influences of reason, purifying ritualistic smoke and/or anti-psychotics become in this modern world, there’s still little that can dissuade low-information college students from becoming self-professed socialists nowadays — particularly when it comes to workers in “sweatshops” overseas who receive low wages for assembling goods bound for the West.
Even if they don’t know what the hell socialism entails and would identify Groucho as their favorite Marxist if they could identify either Groucho Marx or Karl Marx, four out of every 100 adults now say socialism is preferable to capitalism, according to the National Review, and younger liberals play a major part in that number.

In this viral clip, Brook described exactly why we have it all wrong when it comes to how individuals are paid in developing countries…

“You sit here in Europe, in your cushy middle-class chairs — I’m serious about this,” Brook tells an obviously smug college student.  “And you wanna judge the African, or let’s take the Chinese cause that’s… you know an Apple, or an Indonesian so-called ‘sweatshop’ or whatever, and you wanna tell me that two bucks a day is not a dramatic improvement in their life?” he said. “It is.”
“And there’s no way for them to get to the point to be as rich is you are, unless they go through that phase,” he continued. “And if you deny them the ability to make two bucks a day, by insisting the companies pay four, and therefore they withdraw completely from the market.”

Then he held his iPhone aloft.

“Because you know what?” he continued. “I’m not paying 600 bucks for this. I’ll pay 300 (bucks). And if I stop buying this, who suffers? That Chinese kid, who’s right now making, whatever, three bucks a day or whatever. Right? And his alternative is to go back to the farm and you know what they did on the farms? Forty years ago and the Chinese were all producing agriculture they were dying of starvation. Forty to 60 million Chinese died of starvation under Mao. Suddenly you’ve given them opportunity to actually attain middle-classhood, to learn a skill, to have a profession, to make money to make themselves into something.”

And then he dropped a truth bomb about who’s really behind this socialist rhetoric.

“And by the way, the Chinese never complain about how much they’re being paid. You guys complain. We complain in the West. Because yes, to our middle-class comfy lives that seems ridiculous. But that’s cause you’ve never lived in real poverty.”
Just look at that college kid. He got smacked down big-time, and smacked down by one of the best. Before he became head of the Rand Institute, the Israeli-born Brook was a finance professor at Santa Clara University in California, who’d earned his MBA and PhD degrees in finance at the University of Texas.
Before that, he was a sergeant in military intelligence in the Israeli army. And to top it all off, he was born on a socialist kibbutz, to parents who believed in socialism.
He knows the drill in other words.


Yes, what you say is true since they are still wet behind the ears and only think they know what life is all about.  Not until they hit the real working world will they understand the difference in freedom combined with capitalism versus socialism and start owning their own responsibilities will it slap them in the face.  My suggestion is for them as an experiment  live in Cuba and then make that same assumption.



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