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You can always tell a lot about a movie director and his bizarre
behavior because when they fail to exit the movie they are producing and continue to live in the “land of OZ” – this is the kind of result you get – they just can’t set  up their life for reality.

We have to understand most of these directors are not Americans to begin with and do not have our values. They are here to disrupt our country and make money off of us. Time to forget going to the movies and instead spend your money on a “good meal”-  cause all these people want to do is “give you heart burn” – at least you would have put down a “good meal if you end up with heart burn which would be worth it.”

All of their movies do not have any depth of character or make any sense. When do we as individuals fly through the air on our own or cars flying through the air? That shows how they think. This is what your children are viewing at the movie house – besides – who wants to spend $40 for movie and popcorn when you can buy the same DVD and popcorn lolly-gagging at your own home which is a lot more comfortable and have your friends over and not cost $40.

They soak you every time you hit the movie house.



Fellowship of the Minds

joss whedon love letter to hillary

The left are reality-challenged when it comes to Hillary losing the election, over six months ago. Newsweek recently ran an article entitled, “Hillary is president in an alternate universe.”

This Trump Derangement Syndrome adversely affects director Joss Whedon, who is one angry dude. The “self-proclaimed feminist” called Ivanka Trump a dog. And he also demeaned a group of teenage cancer survivors to take a shot at republicans.

Poor Joss must have been feeling really blue on Saturday. He tweeted out the above with the hashtag #MadamPresident.

You better buckle up buttercup…ya’ got three and a half (or maybe more) years of Trump presidency. Better pick up some sticky buns!

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