KOMMONSENTSJANE – When it comes to political correctness, Millennials have the solution…By: Fellowship of the Minds.

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The millennials get the controls when their brain grows up which is 21. Until then, I wouldn’t/don’t take them too seriously. When you are wet behind the ears – the waves drown out the truth. When they speak, I just smile and think to my self – if you only knew!

It takes about ten years after college and they are partaking of a real job does reality slap them in the face – that life is nothing like the college professors preached.  How do I know this – cause I have witnessed this cross-over with a member of my own family who was brain-washed by the college professors.

Until we wash down the foundation of the colleges and have a better cultural mix between patriots and socialists/muslims – this will continue in our country.  We have been lazy and allowed these professors to brain-wash our children without any recourse.  Also, before you hand over your child to a college – do some vetting to see if it is extreme liberal which the bulk of them are.


Fellowship of the Minds

safe spaces

Like I’m going to take advice from those who love socialism yet can’t define it. Riiiiight.

From Yahoo (via Business Insider): The heated debate about political correctness is often misunderstood.

While many individuals across generations dislike the pejorative use of political correctness to represent censorship, a closer investigation reveals generational differences in the desire to use inclusive language.

Millennials know that using appropriate language invites rather than restricts productive conversation. Creating a supportive environment makes space for all individuals to feel welcome in sharing their opinions, rather than fearing that people will demonize their personhood and attack their character based on their identities. Thanks to the internet, Millennials are citizens of the globe and ambassadors of social justice. Unfortunately, not all generations understand how using certain words or phrases prohibits dialogue and hurts other people.

To discover five things that all millennials want older generations to know about…

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