KOMMONSENTSJANE – Three women who ‘should be forcibly thrown out of the party’, GOP Senators Need A Primary Challenge. Reclaim Our Republic.

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Haven’t we had enough of these three women RINOS? I know I have. Every time they are elected – it is a vote for a democrat not a republican. We are wasting our republican votes. We keep voting them in as a republican thinking the next time it will be a different result and here we go again – their voting record continues to be as a democratic. In 2020, let’s vote for a real republican not a FAKE one..

It is time for them to be honest with the public and quit lying


Reclaim Our Republic

July 20, 2017

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a return to something resembling constitutional, responsible government.

Never in my lifetime have irresponsible, socialist programs instituted in Washington ever been killed. This was the chance for such a mini-revolt.

After seven years of Republican fundraising and vote-getting around pledges and even actual votes to repeal Obamacare, when push came to shove, three GOP senators actually kept it alive – on life-support actually because the financially unsustainable plan is doomed to imminent collapse, taking many innocent victims with it.

I’m sure you remember all the promises Republicans made, beginning in 2010 when Americans took them at their word and gave them control of the House.

Then came 2014. Republicans told us they couldn’t repeal Obamacare without control of the Senate. So we gave them control of the Senate.

Then came 2016. Republicans who already controlled both houses of Congress told us…

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