This really tells you about how our government operates and lies to the people. Even this story about McCain could have started out being a truthful story instead of lies.  But, that is what McConnell and Ryan do best.  Folks, we do not have a Republican and Democratic government any longer.  It is now called the PATRIOTS and the SOCIALIST/MUSLIMS.

We have to start working in that order. The Democrats are now the Socialist/Muslims and the Republicans are split into two factions – the Elite Republicans and the Patriots and that is why we are not making any headway with our new leader because of Ryan and McConnell who are working with the dark government.

McConnell spoke and said no vote would be taken until McCain returned.  Can you image big business not conducting business until someone returns from sick leave?  The answer is NO.  One of the first things we were told in our training at the large corporation that “no one is indispensable.”  This is the way it should be in government – no one should be indispensable – the wheel should keep on turning.  And, John McCain is not indispensable and what if he can’t return to his job – will they just sit there and do nothing on the healthcare bill?  Who is his back-up and if he doesn’t have one –  he should?  One of his aids should be.

This only shows you the incompetency of our government and the way it works.  That is why I keep saying – we must elect business men to run our government.  These people we now have are incompetent and it is hurting our country.

Or, is this the plan –  to keep on keepin’ on with this insane healthcare called “OBAMACARE” which came to bare by an insane black man –  and this Congress   and Senate are scared to death of him and have sat there like a bunch of mummies for eight years?  It is time for them to get up off their a$$es and get something done.

People are getting fed up!


Conspiracy Theorists Think Senator John McCain Underwent Brain Surgery

By Jim E | July 19, 2017 12:09PM

Let me be upfront about it: I don’t trust Arizona senator John McCain.

The man, despite his laudable military history, is two-faced. He loves talking trash about President Trump, but (thankfully) largely supports his legislative agenda. He accuses Trump of playing footsie with Vladimir Putin, but he begged Russia for money just a few years ago! And his eponymous institute could very well be funded by George Soros.

So when reports emerged that the senator underwent a minor surgery to remove a blood clot, I was skeptical. And when news broke that his recovery was going to take longer than normal, that only fed my skepticism. Plus, his bizarre line of questioning to former FBI Director James Comey during the recent congressional hearing doesn’t exactly put my feeling of unease to rest.


So what exactly is going on with Mr. Moderate Republican?

It turns out I’m not the only one questioning the official story. Dr. Milton Wolf, a former congressional candidate and certified radiologist from Kansas, questioned the official story:

I am no brain surgeon, or even a doctor, but I know what McCain longs for: power. That’s why he acts like such a sycophantic tool of the media by constantly going on TV to bash Trump. He wants to be the “respectable” Republican, and not one of those crazies that actually wants to shrink government, control the border, and take our country back from college-aged Marxists.

I guess we’ll see the truth when Senator McCain gets back to Washington. I may not trust him, but I certainly wish him a fast and speedy recovery.


Dr. Milton Wolf
✔ ‎@MiltonWolfMD

Whoa. “Minimally invasive craniotomy”… Are you kidding?!

A craniotomy is opening the skull to access the brain. And a 5cm hematoma is huge.

9:07 PM – 15 Jul 2017


Dr. Milton Wolf
✔ ‎@MiltonWolfMD

This has nothing to do with politics. Intracranial hemorrhage is not something just discovered on routine annual physical. Ever.

10:30 AM – 16 Jul 2017



Dr. Milton Wolf
✔ @MiltonWolfMD

Whoa. “Minimally invasive craniotomy”… Are you kidding?!

A craniotomy is opening the skull to access the brain. And a 5cm hematoma is huge.


Dr. Milton Wolf
✔ ‎@MiltonWolfMD

And “above his left eye.” What’s above the eye? The brain.
Subdural hematoma
Epidural hematoma
Brain hematoma

And 5cm = huge


Do You Support John McCain?

I wish him a speedy recovery; but,  I do not support McCain.



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