KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Fighting Back – Muslim Brotherhood mosque Plaintiff – Hawaii judge with Muslim Brotherhood Obama. By: Reclaim Our Republic

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It is time for Congress to impeach this activist judge.  Obama should be arrested for treason.

oodeluph SHADOW GOVERNMENT • 4 months ago
No wonder it was so egregiously juvenile and poorly executed! Every “judge” that fails to uphold the Constitution, which would include President Trump’s explicit right to ban whomever he feels is a threat to the United States, has failed in the oath he or she took to uphold the law. And this piece of hubris-filled excrement, written with the view that he knows what is really meant, is committing treason by attempting a coup against the head of state. Don’t just remove such scum from the bench; throw them in a cell. Then go after that cancer, Obama.


Reclaim Our Republic

Plaintiff in Trump travel ban runs Muslim Brotherhood mosque

The plot thickens on this one. First we have Obama in Hawaii, then we learn that the judge who ruled happens to be a classmate of his from Harvard, and last?

Judge Watson, managed to produce a 43-page decision within two hours of the case being filed in Hawaii. (Let’s make Hawaii the new Gitmo.)

The judge issued his 43-page ruling less than two hours after hearing Hawaii’s request for a temporary restraining order to stop the ban from  being put into practice.

Speedy guy, huh!  More at Gateway Pundit and we learn this:

The main plaintiff in the Hawaii case blocking President Trump’s revised temporary travel ban is an imam with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The irony is hard to miss: Trump has talked about declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization…

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