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It is a shame that Capehart and Beinhart, whose wealth was made by being a capitalist, can’t enjoy their success because of their guilt in being successful. Rather than mentoring others of their race – they spend their time spinning their gobble gook.

These two have been given so much and do not know how to give back except to criticize others.  They are both miserable in their success as haters.


Reclaim Our Republic

Trump in Poland

July 12, 2017  By Jack from the East

A famous conservative writer (I can’t remember who) once asked someone (I can’t remember who) how to write two columns a week. The person who got the question responded (this is a paraphrase), “Find two things that enrage you, and write about them.” I remember this exchange (you wouldn’t think as much based on all these asides) because I haven’t written anything in a while. The time just hasn’t been there for me to write anything, regardless of how enraged I get about what goes on in this world. However, since I have 1/2 a week of vacation left and I sense something enraging me, I am going to write something. Let’s just say that the unhinged Left will serve as my muse. As it usually does.

And here we go:

Once again, the Left is becoming unhinged. Or maybe they were…

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