Are the Democrats their own worst enemy?  They failed in the last election with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders as candidates and both running as communist/muslims.  The American people realized that Obama cheated and lied to them in order to be elected and he has taken America to a low never experienced in the history of our country.  How does Obama hide his credentials, never having been no more than a dog catcher (with a short rope time in government) with out cheating at the ballot box?  Still to this day – where is the information?

We then have seen the greatest upheaval in history by electing a business man who understands the values of the U.S. and what makes this country stand  out for freedom loving people.  No other country in the world has so  much going for them and that is why people are clamoring to be a part of it.

Again, as we saw with Obama –  who was elected by fraud and who was being directed by the One World Order group –  tried to set up our country to fail by putting the Constitution on the shelf and using the quran to govern.  Obama turned our military, schools, and government into a cesspool of muslims.  He used America’s wealth to his advantage by squandering it and embellishing his own pocket book.

When President Trump was elected – his governing would encompass,”America being the first priority” and restore it to the greatness it deserved –  before anything else.  So when he attended the G20 Nations meeting, it was noted by all news “that he would not be leading from behind as Obama had” and would not be kissing a$$ to any foreign nation or criticizing  America as Obama had.

In fact the news media accused President Trump of abdicating his role as world leader.  It was also called to the attention of the world that the U.S., until it restored order in the U.S. – the money cash cow for the world would come to an end.  Again, he also stressed that,  “he would not be leading from behind as Obama had for eight years.”

When President Trump cited that he would not be going along with the other 19 nations, the news cited – ONE CAN ONLY LEAD BY FOLLOWING THE GROUP – which is not the definition of a true leader.  A true leader is one who takes care of his own people and country not by following behind other countries which Obama was guilty of doing.

As usual, G20 foreign leaders have changed Webster’s dictionary definition into – leading is following and following is leading.  We must inform the leaders of the world the true meaning of being a leader is:


Not someone who follows.

In the end, we have a businessman leading our country – not a stale, corrupt lawyer, doctor, dog catcher, or politician who is all in for himself for 40 years.

It is time for term limits for sure.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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