KOMMONSENTSJANE – AUDIO – The Left Is Outraged Bipartisan Group Dares to Investigate Voter Fraud. By: Reclaim Our Republic.

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It is time for the Fed’s make it mandatory for every state to share their voter registrations documentation. If they don’t the FBI should go in and TAKE IT. The word is that it is the Democrat states who don’t want to reveal their rolls. Could it be that there is proof of voter fraud (illegals and dead people voting)?

We have to – repeat – have to – make our voting tamper proof with a photo ID and finger print.


Reclaim Our Republic

Kris Kobach on Election Commission: The Left Is Outraged Bipartisan Group Dares to Investigate Voter Fraud

13 July 2017 by John Hayward

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who also serves as vice chairman of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, discussed on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily left-wing efforts to obstruct his commission.

“The first meeting of the president’s Commission on Voter Integrity is supposed to be next week on Wednesday,” Kobach reported. “What is happening right now is there are five different lawsuits brought by the ACLU. One is by the ACLU. One is by the Lawyers Committee on Human Rights, which is a left-wing legal group. There are a couple of other left-wing organizations bringing these lawsuits. They are literally seeking to stop the commission. Two of the lawsuits are trying to prevent the first meeting on Wednesday from occurring.”

“To put this in…

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