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Following Comey’s Testimony, Newt Gingrich Says Republicans Need To Investigate Loretta Lynch

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By Wayne | Featured Contributor | June 15, 2017 1:44PM

Some days, I think former House Speaker Newt Gingrich lives in my head. That’s because we are on the same wave length on many issues, especially when it comes to Loretta Lynch’s dirty dealings with the Clintons.

During James Comey’s testimony, the former FBI Director admitted that Lynch suggested the investigation into the Clinton email practices be re-labeled from “investigation” to “matter.” And, of course, there was the infamous tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta, which stinks with corruption.

Gingrich says now is the time for Republicans to pounce, and hold Lynch accountable for her clearly improper behavior.

Source: Fox News Insider

Gingrich said that Republicans should look at the real question at hand following the Comey testimony.

He said the issue is the way former A.G. Loretta Lynch allegedly directed him to use Clinton campaign language in his probe.

Gingrich called it a “mistake” for Republicans not to take-on people like Lynch and President Clinton over their Phoenix tarmac meeting.

Watch the former House Speaker here:

Passivity seems to be the Republicans’ first name. It has absolutely amazed me how Republican leaders don’t realize we’re fighting a war here. The Democrats are hellbent on destroying President Trump. They want to reinstall Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker, and put Chuckie Schumer in charge of the Senate. They tell liberal voters that Republicans want them to starve. And, yes, their heated rhetoric has even resulted in violent acts.

Well, here’s what I think: If Democrats will try to take down Trump, I say we take down their guys. Let’s start with Loretta Lynch. Even some Democrats suspect she acted inappropriately. And once Lynch is held to account, maybe we can finally put Hillary behind bars where she belongs.

It is amazing how the Republicans are like wet noodles.  Are they also fighting with the Democrats – this has been going on for eight years and I am tired of voting for people who won’t fight for us and leave it up to  President Trump and Newt Gingrich and  they just sit by and collect their pay.  Enough is enough – someone needs to call their hand.




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