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Busted! James Comey Was Caught Entering New York Times Building

(Well, folks, he had to go pick up his check for colluding with the NY Times and then collude again to see what their next lie is going to be.  He was all spruced up in a suit and tie and his wife hanging on his arm.  Guess he was using her for protection since he didn’t have Obama or Hillary to protect him.}

By Matt | Contributor | June 23, 2017 9:10AM

Among the many revelations we learned from James Comey during his much-anticipated congressional testimony was that he leaked his memos to a friend, who, in turn, then leaked them to the New York Times. Those memos alleged that in a meeting Comey had with President Trump back in February, Trump had asked him to end the FBI’s investigation into Michael Flynn.

In another testimony in May (before the New York Times reported on the leaked memos), Comey said that he’d never been asked by higher-ups to end an investigation for political reasons — and that doing so would’ve been a questionable, eyebrow-raising “big deal.”

It was the contradictions between the Times’ explosive reporting and Comey’s testimony in May that led to him being invited to testify again earlier this month before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Not only did we learn that he leaked his memos, we learned that the anecdote about Trump’s statements in their meeting never occurred.

And now, Comey was just spotted entering the New York Times building in New York City.

Former FBI director James Comey made a quiet visit to The New York Times building on Thursday, one of few public outings since he admitted leaking stories to the newspaper about President Trump before the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 8.

Comey kept his sunglasses on and his gaze forward as he marched through the front entrance of the Times Square office building which houses the publication. He was accompanied by his wife Patrice Failor who also wore sunglasses.

Unmistakable as he towered over the crowds in a crisp navy suit and tie on one of the warmest days of the year, Comey drew second-glances from some stunned by-passers.

It was a timely visit, coming just a few weeks after the president’s suggestion that he may be responsible for more leaks about the administration since being fired on May 9.

Comey confessed to being the source of a leak to the Times about private, unorthodox meeting he had with the president before he was fired in June.

What was he telling them? We just have to wait to see what the Times publishes next.

No doubt, it will be something to damage Donald Trump. Comey is a known fabricator and sensationalist.

Is James Comey Up To No Good?




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