Wednesday, June 21, 2017 11:02 AM

Subject: Covfefe


This is great! Don’t underestimate Trump. He didn’t get where he is both in business and personally by being a stupid fool.

The internet was broken after President Trump tweeted out and said, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

The tweet was left up for several hours without any clarification as to what the word “covfefe” meant. Was it a typo? Did the president want coffee? No.

Dianne Marshall, an amateur historian, bible scholar, and author went digging and found that it is actually an Antediluvian term. It means, “In the end we win.” According to Marshall, it was commonly used by the sons of Adam as they fought against the evil and fallen men.

The word is pronounced: Covfefe’ (pronounced “cuv – fee- fae”)

Marshall Report says:

The term gained popularity prior to the great deluge and was rarely used after the flood subsided. It regained favor around the time Nimrod was building his tower, after which it was entirely lost in translation at Babel.

I guess you could say Trump is a bit of a genius.

Barron Gonsalves posted to Facebook, and explained it well. He said:

“Now, here is what is going on. If you study the bible you see how God has made fools of His enemies throughout various accounts of biblical history! Our wisdom is no match for God’s and those who know Him tap into His wisdom. The tweet Donald Trump did was a trap for liberal media and they fell right in it. President Trump tweeted a biblical code to describe how the media was going to lose then he deleted it. By deleting it the tweet it looked like a mistake! Had he left it up eventually it would of been discovered what the word meant and the liberal media would of not been the victims of the trap. The appearance of an error is what the lure was. Now, that they have taken the bait and gone off on how this is a mistake and it shows he may be losing it as the narrative was by some like CNN it will totally backfire on them. The truth of what the president said will come to the surface revealing two things.

One the president is much more spiritually connected than many may have realized.

Two, he is far more intellectually deep than liberal media has tried to paint him to be. He tweeted that in the early morning. It is a very well-known fact among many believes that God does indeed speak to His people in the early hours. The tweet again reads despite the dishonest press Covfefe. In other words God will win in the end. Part of God’s plan is to lure the liberal media in to expose how deceitful they are and show the American people their arrogance. This is one of many traps they have fallen into and will continue to do so. They are losing credibility each time.

To God be the glory Covfefe!”

The story behind the media being so befuddled was – THEY AIN’T CHRISTIANS – so how do they know what the Bible tells us is so?

Trump put another one over on the Dem’s and the liberal communist/muslim media:











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