Friend: Comey experienced ‘grotesque impropriety’ from Trump.  What a bunch of crock.  This guy is a cry baby.  If the heat got so hot in the President’s kitchen — why didn’t Comey resign?  Comey is the Dem’s Party Mascot.


The Hill
Mallory Shelbourne
Benjamin Wittes, who runs the Lawfare blog and is known to be a friend of James Comey, said in a new interview that President Trump’s private dinner with the former FBI director amounted to “grotesque impropriety.”

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, editor-in-chief Ben Smith asked Wittes why he decided to begin sharing details of his private conversations with Comey with the media.

Wittes recalled the New York Times article about the dinner where Trump reportedly asked Comey for loyalty.
“And I shouldn’t have been shocked by it, because of everything that I had already known,” Wittes told BuzzFeed.
“But I hadn’t processed that information through the right narrative lens. I had known that Jim had been asked for loyalty and said he could only give honesty. But without the framing of this dramatic dinner, and the sort of grotesque impropriety of that taking place in that scene, it hadn’t all clicked.”

Wittes, who penned an op-ed in the Times after Trump fired Comey in May, told BuzzFeed that reading the newspaper’s reporting on the dinner put helped him understand conversations he had with Comey.
“The moment I read that story I said, ‘My God, I understand a whole lot of things that he had said to me in a way that I hadn’t understood them before,'” Wittes said in the interview.

(It looks like Comey was leaking government information all over the country.)
“I can’t remember what day of the week it was, it may have been a Friday or Saturday. And the next day, I called [reporter] Mike Schmidt, and I told him I had additional information for him. That’s the answer to your question.”


It amazes me about me why the blogger called  Wittes is so surprised that the President would asked for “loyalty from Comey?”  After Comey having worked for Obama who was taking this country down the wrong path and the Hillary Clinton debacle which he mishandled – all the President wanted was loyalty to the country which Comey had not given – loyalty to the country – Comey was loyal to Obama and the Clinton’s because he had been paid off – plain and simple.

No further ragging on this issue – the American people know that Comey is the person who has committed “obstruction of justice by releasing the information which was government property not his personal property.”

Now how many more times are we going to see Comey’s face on TV?

Comey is the man who was trying to help Obama’s dark  government with Hillary and the muslim/communist Dem’s take down the new President Trump because they lost the election.  Comey has to be indicted.





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