Isn’t this absurd – the terrorists  can’t read or write English?  Were they DEAR JOHN letters?

Patriotic Viral News

School children in UK Forced to Write Letters to Terrorists.

Communicating with terrorists is a dangerous rabbit hole to travel down. This is true for anyone, including adults who may begin to share the same thought process. However, some school children within the UK as early as the age of seven have been forced into writing letters to terrorists. The entire reasoning behind this is to help the children understand the point of view of the terrorists and why someone would carry out such an attack. This is a very dangerous path to follow and it is something that could potentially backfire.

It is very important to educate children, and a younger child is able to absorb more information. However, there are times where certain information simply is not able to be processed by someone who has not seen the world yet. This is especially true when it comes to terrorism. A terrorist can easily corrupt the mind of a child as they are not able to completely distinguish right from wrong. The issue not only is having children write letters to terrorists, but to have children this young write letters to terrorists. There is something that is extremely difficult to understand for even the most educated of individuals, so expecting a child to fully grasp what a terrorist is saying likely is not good at all.

Why exactly are these UK school children being forced into writing letters and what is the expected outcome? Watch the video now to discover the truth.

What in the world?  Unbelievable.








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