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Message to THE TRAITOR – John McCain – YOU LIE!

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

John McCain says U.S. leadership was stronger under Obama. Yes, that is true if you want to back Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. The reason McCain feels this way is the Obama leadership McCain is talking about is – Obama was working with the enemy (the Muslims). Obama was working under the banner of Islam – the White House under Obama was loaded with the Muslim Brotherhood Czars. Obama removed the Bible from the military and the educational system. The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization. McCain is a traitor – he and Lindsey Graham colluded with Obama and organized ISIS – met with them and backed them.

That is why McCain makes that statement saying US leadership was stronger under Obama. McCain is a traitor – just like anyone who is now backing Obama and his dark government.  He is some fruit cake.

If you want Sharia law in the U.S. – then back McCain and his friend, Obama. Plain and simple.  McCain trying to pin the tail on the Democrats muslim/communists with his statement.



Fellowship of the Minds


And to think I voted for this RINO.

From Daily Mail: John McCain has said US leadership was stronger under Barack Obama and said Donald Trump‘s criticism of Sadiq Khan suggested American ‘doesn’t want to lead’.

The senator from Arizona had said America’s standing in the world was being damaged by Mr. Trump, who has championed an ‘America First’ approach.

He said the US had been better off under Obama, despite being a fierce critic of the former president and particularly his foreign policy which he awarded an ‘F’ grade.

Mr. McCain, who ran against Obama as the Republican nominee in the 2008 presidential election, said Mr. Trump was in danger of alienating its allies.

It comes after Mr. Trump attacked London Mayor Mr. Khan after the London Bridge terror attack which left eight dead and dozens injured. Mr. Trump criticized the mayor after he told Londoners…

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