KOMMONSENTSJANE – What the lying, globalist media rats won’t show you: France is a war zone. By: Fellowship of the Minds (correction)

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Read this and weep for the people of France. Hollande, the past leader of France with Obama have caused all of this misery for France and Europe. Obama is a Muslim.  This is part of the United Nations One World Order and wealth distribution under the direction of Obama, Hollande, Cameron, and Merkel’s orders.  And now, the dark government under Obama is still working hard to continue this destruction of the white race.

This is why President Trump is working so hard to keep this from happening in America. Once you allow them to enter – they are here for Islam, a government first and then they bring the religion and Sharia law in – don’t kid yourself. Look at Europe – what a mess they are in. The only people who were smart were the Czech Republic and Poland and refused to allow refugees into their country because you cannot vet them.

Wake up world – these people are not here to integrate – they are here to urinate on the people of the world. Plain and simple.


Fellowship of the Minds

CNN’s Becky Anderson would like for you to believe that peaceful Muslims honored the dead London terrorist victims. She is lying to promote a globalist agenda.

The amount of terror and carnage that terrorist Muslims andrefugeesare causing throughout Europe is devastating.

The media will not report the truth of what is happening. Just watch the above video from France to witness what is really occurring.

May I suggest that if you have plans to visit France this summer that you cancel them NOW.

This video is from Refugee Crisis in the EU. From their YouTube video:

Apparently we are “not advertiser friendly” in YouTube. If you want to support our project, you can donate here, thank you: https://www.paypal.me/refugeecrisis


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