June 11, 2017

Crisis & Opportunity

From:  Lt. Gov Dan Patrick


On Tuesday, Governor Abbott announced that he is calling the Texas Legislature back to Austin for a special session this summer, beginning July 18. Because the Speaker of the Texas House failed to vote out required legislation to ensure that the Texas Medical Board can continue to function and, since the state must have licensed doctors, that failure could result in a statewide crisis.

However, remember the Chinese proverb – every crisis holds an opportunity. Bad management by the Speaker has created a crisis, but conservatives can seize this opportunity to pass some of the critical conservative legislation that the Texas House killed in the regular legislative session.

Many of the issues the Governor wants to focus on in Special Session were top priorities for me during the regular legislative session. Unfortunately, after passing the Senate, many important conservative bills were killed by the Texas House including:
•Genuine Property Tax Reform with a Rate Rollback and a Mandatory Election
•Privacy Protection for Women and Girls
•School Choice for Children with Special Needs
•Caps on State and Local Spending
•No Taxpayer Dollars to Collect Union Dues
•No Texan will be forced to pay for anyone’s Abortion Insurance

Some of the other Special Session agenda issues identified by the Governor include ending forced annexation and prohibiting regulatory overreach by cities and counties as well as speeding up the local permitting process. Governor Abbott also added several important pro-life issues to the call including strengthening the reporting requirements for abortion procedures, expanding the prohibition on taxpayer dollars for abortion providers and clarifying the execution of “Do Not Resuscitate” orders.

This is a strong, conservative list and I will work to pass it all out of the Senate. Last week, Governor Abbott said he believes the priorities of the Speaker of the Texas House are different from the priorities of the people of Texas. I agree. Still, for the good of our state, it is my hope that in the Special Session the Speaker will allow members of the Texas House to vote on all the conservative legislation Governor Abbott has put forward.

The House can start by passing genuine property tax reform that gives people a rate rollback and the right to vote on property tax increases. They can also finally pass the privacy protection bill for women and girls that both Governor Abbott and I support. House Bill 2899 has 80 co-authors (over half of all House members) in support, but during the regular session, the Speaker refused to allow the bill to come to the floor for a vote.

I am fighting for the conservative principles that you elected me to fight for. You and all the people of Texas have a right to expect that we will finish the job on these critical issues. We are working now to get ready for the Special Session and when I gavel in the Senate on July 18, we will hit the ground running.

The Truth about Education Spending
Once the 2017 regular legislative session ended, education bureaucrats began pushing out misinformation, insisting that the state cut funding for public schools. You may have seen it in the media or maybe even heard it directly from your local school officials. I shared the truth about education spending in Texas in an op-ed. Click the image below to read my op-ed.

The Truth About Education Spending In Texas

Thank you for your continued support.

God Bless Texas,

Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor of Texas

“Whomever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant.”
Matthew 20:26 (NLT)

Thank you Dan for the work you and the Governor are doing for our State and Country.





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