Glad to see Tom Coburn joining the fight against the DC monopoly – he has been there and done that – now he has joined the DC stomp.  Each year, while serving as a Senator he wrote about the swamp called DC and the pork bellies and did his best to stop it.  He realized that what he was doing didn’t work so now he has joined the Convention of States.

June 5, 2017
From: The Convention of States

Subject: Former Senator reveals secrets from inside D.C.

He lived inside the Washington machine.

Smashing the DC Monopoly.

He lived inside the Washington machine.

He served in Congress and discovered the hideousness of the beast.

He tried to kill it from within… but failed.

Now he’s committed his life to dismantling the Washington Establishment using the only Constitutional method strong enough to get the job done: Article V.

Tom Coburn’s new book, “Smashing the DC Monopoly” is officially available in a bookstore near you!

In his book, the former Senator reveals exactly how the American people can use Article V to restore freedom and stop runaway government.

Will you help us send a clear message to Washington, DC by sending this book straight to the top of the best seller list?

Order it on Amazon, here for Barnes and Noble, or here to get your copy on iTunes for only $12.99!




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