KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO SCOTUS Expedites Travel Ban EO – ICE Surrounded Trying to Arrest Criminal Alien – Kindergarten Teacher – By: Reclaim our Republic

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I hope the Supreme Court doesn’t wait too long to enact this ban. The Dark State’s (Democrat’s) worldwide plot is to continue disrupting the world. That is why they want to continue allowing the terrorists to enter without any vetting because the countries involved in the ban have no background on these people for vetting purposes – all part of the plan.

We have to stop the terrorists from coming in and the judges who have continued to thwart Trump’s ban are pinned against the wall with potential blood on their hands – again, all part of the plan for the country. The judges are communist leaning.


Reclaim Our Republic

Supreme Court Expedites Trump’s Petition on Executive Order Case

 3 Jun 2017 by Ken Klukowski

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Supreme Court took the rare step on Friday of expediting consideration of a major case, rapidly accelerating the schedule for reviewing the Fourth Circuit’s blocking of President Donald Trump’s travel ban executive order.

President Trump issued Executive Order 13780 (EO) on March 6, Section 2(c) of which temporarily restricted travel from six Muslim-majority countries associated with terrorism while the United States developed new vetting procedures to keep the nation safe.

Immigration activists sued, along with several immigrants and their families. A liberal federal district judge in Maryland granted a preliminary injunction blocking Section 2(c) of the EO. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit then affirmed the trial court’s injunction in a 10-3 decision, ruling that the EO violated the Constitution’s Establishment Clause, and taking the almost unheard-of…

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