KOMMONSENTSJANE – APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED- NO, SHE IS NOT SORRY – PART OF THE PLAN – SHE IS SORRY TRASH – Kathy Griffin sorry – after her beheaded Donald Trump photo grabs Secret Service’s attention — Fellowship of the Minds

Apologies for displaying this picture. Yet the wickedness, absolute hatred and intolerance of the left must be exposed. Trump Derangement Syndrome makes proggies do REALLY STUPID things. Has this womyn never heard of Daniel Pearl? Makes me sick to my stomach. It’s going to be a loooooong four years for ‘em. UPDATE: Griffin issued an […]

via Kathy Griffin sorry after her beheaded Donald Trump photo grabs Secret Service’s attention — Fellowship of the Minds

June 2, 2017

First, she apologizes and should have left it there in Pandora’s box.  But no, what does she do next –  she threatens the President and his family.  She makes one bad decision but, she turned around and even made a worse second decision – now blaming the bad decision on every one else since her sponsors are dropping her like hot cakes.

Typical Democrat – just one big loser.


June 1,2017

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When CNN displayed this on their station –  it allowed this woman to bring in the acceptability of terrorism to America  by displaying the horror of terrorism which is part of the muslim/communism (former democratic) party strategy to make this acceptable.

This women needs to be banned from performing or any entertainment which is her livelihood.   The TV station in which this originated should be punished by shutting them down for a period of time by the FCC.

Where is the Federal Communications Commission?


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