KOMMONSENTSJANE – Obama Administration DID Violate Constitution — Arlin Report

Originally posted on Desert Musings: While the snowflakes on Capitol Hill were scurrying around, hoping to find a shred of evidence that the Russians had some influence over the presidential election, and more specifically had an “in” with people in the Trump campaign, it was learned that for the past seven years, the Obama Administration…

via Obama Administration DID Violate Constitution — Arlin Report

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So, what are they going to do to Obama – Give him a snow cone?  One thing for sure – it is the muslims who Hillary and Obama have been in bed with for eight years and our government is showing it.  It is time to start clearing out the jungle because they are going to be running for the hills when they start peeling back  more of those onion layers.  But, for sure, those Democrats are all part of the crime and don’t want to take anyone’s DNA because all of them are part of the crime scene.

They didn’t realize that Trump was going to be elected and now they are finding all kinds of record-breaking crimes that bunch committed.  It is just now gettin’ good. That is why they are wanting to impeach Trump cause it is not going to get any better when they really find the “goodies” that are hid when these people get their feet on the ground.  They are trying to keep the Repub’s and the President busy so they won’t be able to have time to check things out.  Obama and Hillary are the ones who were involved with the Russians.  There is more to come!  Obama and the Dem’s are on pins and needles.  Is that why he keeps running out of the country?


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