So, Great Britain cut off intelligence cooperation with the U.S. because our intelligence leaked.  Why are we surprised?  The Obama intelligence works are still in business and are giving out information to him, the Democrats, and the paid journalists who are on the work’s payroll and are working against President Trump.

Also, Prime Minister of Britain needs to check her own backyard to see if someone in her organization – especially the Mayor of London, who is a muslim, since he stated – that terrorism is just a part of doing business.  Maybe he leaked the information on the Manchester’s terrorists?

Obama and the NSA put out propaganda to scare the American people during Obama’s time in office – all of this need to be investigated.

When is AG Sessions going to give all of them a lie detector test to see if they are leaking information.  Obama has instructed the NSA to spy on the new president and the American people which is against the law and they should put Obama in jail with all of those who were instructed to break the law.  They also spied on President Trump during the campaign which is illegal.

When is the AG going to put some teeth into our laws?   Time to start cracking some heads.


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