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Washington Post wants this BANNED from the internet (shocking!)
May 17, 2017

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than this may be all you need to read on the mainstream media and their liberal bias.

It’s the picture The Washington Post doesn’t want shared on the internet, because it exposes their bias in a way that’s easy for everyday Americans to understand.
What liberal bias?
Just take a look for yourself —

There it is, folks.

The brilliance is in it’s simplicity — because this picture is so easy for viewers to grasp, it is a very dangerous for the liberal media.

Here, we have two identical events almost a year apart… and yet we get two entirely different stories.
Both instances are the president sharing intelligence on the Islamic State with Russia.
This sharing of ISIS intelligence is overseen and approved by high-ranking military and security experts, who are present at the time.

The only difference? The reporting.
And the image says it all.

In one instance, The Washington Post praises former President Barack Obama.
A year later, it viciously attacks President Donald Trump for the same exact thing.

The undeniable hypocrisy of the mainstream media has been going on for years.
But this time, the liberal spin machine can’t cover it up. They may want this picture banned from the internet, but it’s too late.
The Horn News has it — and now you do, too.
— The Horn editorial team


This exposes those lying ?astards.



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