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A man peacefully holding a sign that says “The right to openly discuss ideas must be defended,” is verbally assaulted by Leftists, some wearing black masks to conceal their faces, and called “Nazi scum” who should get “off our street”. Among the attackers are Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the UK’s Labour Pary and a member […]

via You’re a Nazi if you stand for free speech — Fellowship of the Minds

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You’re a Nazi if you stand for free speech – what – these demo-rats are mixed up – as usual they were not asselborn.  Just what I would expect from airheads.

Asselborn is the best way to prevent a relapse into conflict and violence in the aftermath of a conflict was through inclusive peacebuilding activities involving all segments of society, including women, youth, children and other vulnerable and marginalized groups.

What a sad state of tolerance.  It seems that Europe did not learn and teach their children what happened  during WWII and what PEACE meant.  Bringing in all of the hate from birth from the Middle East did not help. This is exactly what the Obama underground and the Democrats are trying to do in the U.S.

The young people who are clamoring for socialism should study what is happening in South America, especially, Argentina and realize that socialism “is not a cake walk or even a piece of cake.”

After Obama – we must make big changes in our educational system to compare what they now have against what socialism is really like – they have been brain-washed for three president cycles – so now we need to turn that around and prove to them – it is not what they have been told.


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