To all Americans:

We listened to the Muslim Communist Democrat talking points all weekend:

There statement – We have to get to the bottom of this – in each instance the talking points covered the Comey firing.  Everyone has to understand – COMEY WAS AN OBAMA OVERSTAY AND COULD BE FIRED AT ANY TIME.  The way I understand it – the President asked Comey, “IF HE COULD BE LOYAL TO THE COUNTRY, I.E., THE CONSTITUTION – not LOYAL TO President Trump.

We weren’t told the answer to that – which should have been “YES.”  I feel that Comey probably didn’t give him an answer which meant he would follow the Democrat’s – which are following Obama’s underground government.

As we all know, during the Obama administration – Obama was not loyal to the Constitution.  Obama was not  adhering to law and order and he had become a rogue leader and was trying to turn the country against law and order and the police with the backing of Soros and Black Lives Matters.

In the end, Obama was trying to turn the country into a muslim nation by using the Koran as his guiding light, told the American people that we were no longer a Christian nation, and was turning the educational and military systems into muslim rulings.

We should not listen to the main street media, Democrats, Brennan or Clapper  (who have become muslims) because they are following Obama’s underground orders to continue to cause trouble for the President.

Again, we have to continue with President Trump’s agenda working against the main street media and Democrats who are now communists and muslims working with Obama’s  underground.






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