Hillary Clinton Still Isn’t Taking Responsibility for her Mistakes

This guy sure hits the nail on the head! In this brief segment from CNN’s New Day, top Obama political strategist David Axelrod perfectly encapsulates the problems of Hillary Clinton’s entire campaign for the presidency.
Clinton has gone on since her defeat at the ballot box to blame her loss on everything from Russian hacking (a repetitive refrain of hers since before the election occurred) to nationalist voters to straight-up misogyny.
But the simple fact remains that the biggest problem with the Hillary Clinton campaign was the incompetence of Hillary Clinton. Her incredible hubris and inescapable belief that she was the anointed choice of Americans from coast to coast, simply because she’d been the wife of one of the greatest political manipulators of all time (and had clearly picked up a few lessons in the art herself) begged understanding.
But her insistence that she had unparalleled qualifications after serving a mere eight years in the Senate and four as Secretary of State show that essentially, the only person Clinton was fooling with her pseudo-presidential act was herself.
David Axelrod is no fool, as ex-President Obama’s election and re-election in the face of overwhelming economic trickery proved. Watch as this consummate political insider blows the doors off Clinton’s sad truckload of excuses.


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