Former President Barack Obama’s Director associated with National Intelligence James Clapper advised Chuck Todd in Satisfy The Press in which evidence among President Donald Trump and Russia do not really exist:

The total interview is here.


Pelosi On Clapper’s ‘No Evidence’ Of Trump-Russia ‘Collusion’ — We Still Need An Investigation – ignorance is bliss.

Sen. Feinstein after CIA briefing:

Still no evidence of Trump campaign collusion with Russia.  Go figure out a fresh plan and stop trying to pretend that the Cossacks swept throughout and also stole this from you.

It is truly a theory pushed relentlessly in the media and by Democrats to try to undermine our political institutions, such as the particular Electoral College.

Feinstein after CIA briefing: Nonetheless no proof Trump marketing campaign collusion with Russia

California Senator Dianne Feinstein, most certainly not sympathetic for the Trump administration, was just briefed together with additional Senators around the Intelligence Committee with CIA headquarters and also appeared upon CNN.

And within March, Sen. Chris Coons walkback his suggestion involving incriminating transcripts: “I haven’t any difficult proof collusion” in between Trump globe as well as Russians.

And even now nothing. The idea is spread along with reckless abandon by Twitter and social media personalities a person by zero means been aware of until they will began shouting which Trump and his awesome cohorts had committed treason; now they’ve got countless 1000s of followers whom retweet from the 1000’s each innuendo.

Her response: “Not as of this time.”

I wrote about this again throughout February, the fact-free Intelligence Community-Media trial of Trump by simply innuendo. The idea is the foam appearing out of the mouths of Democrats and also #NeverTrump Republicans. There had been zero evidence of the included in our report.

Sen. Wolf Blitzer questioned the girl straight out: “Do you have evidence which there is in fact collusion between Trump associates and also Russia during the campaign?”

Unless as well as until actual evidence surfaces of illegal conduct involving the Trump campaign that affected the election, the people shouting treason ought to shout it in in order to the mirror.

CIA, Trump Derangement Syndrome, Trump Russia

Democrats, you lost the actual election. Nada. But what evidence is there even now to keep the conspiracy theory? While associated with this moment, apparently none.

Unless you will find a lot more facts which come out, the actual costs the Trump marketing campaign colluded with almost all the Russians during the campaign should go down as one of one in the most preposterous and also harmful conspiracy theories within latest political history.

Keith Koffler summed it up:

This continues the extended collection regarding informed folks denying evidence of collusion, for example Former DNI Head Clapper: no Evidence regarding Ties Among Russia, Trump:

Again, former President Barack Obama’s Director associated with National Intelligence James Clapper advised Chuck Todd in Satisfy The Press in which evidence among President Donald Trump and Russia do not really exist:

Okay, the quantity of several weeks into this tend to be – we? How much screaming, shouting, handwringing, dyspepsia, and also psychiatric care have folks had and carried out over this issue? How many pundits have lectured us more than the actual gravity of this situation?

To which Blitzer responded (comment partially cut off in short clip below): “That’s a pretty precise answer, I understand the investigation will be continuing.”

We failed to include any evidence within our report, as well as I say, “our,” that’s N.S.A., F.B.I. and also C.I.A., together with my office, your Director of National Intelligence, that had anything, that had just about any reflection involving collusion between members with the Trump campaign and furthermore the Russians. Zippo.

How many more months and years will this facade continue?  It only proves what little intelligence these people who sit on the thrones of government have and then  try to exploit their ignorance and it only proves they are the ghost writers.



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