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Originally posted on 70news: 10 Major FBI Scandals on Comey’s Watch The FBI interviewed almost every terrorist who successfully struck America ? By Grabien.com Here are 10 of Comey’s biggest embarrassments at the FBI: 1. Before he bombed the Boston Marathon, the FBI interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev but let him go. Russia sent the Obama Administration…

via 10 Major FBI Scandals on James Comey’s Watch — Arlin Report

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It seems that Comey stated to the Prez three times there was no evidence that the Russians interfered with the election – Clapper and Brennan stated the same thing; but, the stupid Democrats continue plowing that same dirt – the Russians interfered with the election.  We have to move on because these people do not have the intelligence to move the needle because it is stuck on that same groove.

What difference does it make on the timing of Comey’s firing?  The Prez gave him four months to show his leadership and he continued on the same path as when he worked for Obama.  Comey was trying to decide how to work with the Prez because the Prez had a different path than Obama.  Comey was trying to decide how to deal with that path.  He tried to continue working for the Dem’s and the Repub’s – but he couldn’t figure out how to make that square peg fit in a round hole – so he continued to stall – which proved he was not doing his job.  It was very evident.

Consequently, he was fired for not doing his job.  If you are going to drain the sewer – you also have to sanitize it – keeping Comey, who was a traitor to the American people, would not have worked –  because he still was paid off by the Clinton’s.   Comey knew if he went against the Clinton’s – he would end up in their grave yard just like so many others.

When America starts listening to the nightly midnight entertainers like Kimmel, Colbert, and Maxine Watters for their opinion – America is in troubled waters.  We have to part the waves by knowing the difference.  Kimmel and Colbert receive their talking points from the Dem’s to try to influence the people.


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