There is little to no evidence of Donald Trump and his campaign staff COLLUDING (popular word these days) with Russia…….but yet the Democrats and some Republican anti-Trumpers will meet today to demand a special prosecutor be appointed to further investigate. HEY, GO FOR IT! There are tons of evidence, as Comey said, that […]


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From this corner of the world, the Clinton’s and Democrat’s dirt just continues to pile up and they are continuing to squeal like pigs because their Russian connections are showing.  All of this time they tried to make the public think it was the Prez who was dealing with the Russians instead of themselves.  When Comey continued to protect the Dem’s and Clinton, it was very obvious who Comey was covering for.

From a women’s instinct – Comey took a payoff from the Clinton’s because he was downright sure that Clinton was going to win and when she didn’t – it has put him in an awkward position of trying continue protecting the Dem’s and Clinton.  Being boxed in was not a good place to be when you are in Comey’s position – that is why he was acting so awkward.

Statements of indictment of Clinton and then not taking the next step for a grand jury and actually apologizing for her crime with no intent on her part and then committing the same thing for Abedin (Hillary’s side kick). In both instances stating there was “NO INTENT FOR CRIMINAL MISCHIEF.”  Pray tell me, when did he become a mind reader.  HE WAS PROTECTING BOTH OF THEM – plain and simple.

How could someone with his experience be so stupid?  And he was supposed to be so squeaky clean.   He hasn’t upheld the Constitution at all during his time on the job.  He was a rogue director operating under the guidance of Obama and Clinton.

Good riddance.

Just hope the next director will clean up all of this dirt the Dem’s and Hillary Clinton have piled up and make an example of Obama – that you can’t mess with the Constitution.  If we don’t – our country is in a heap of trouble.  We have to make it known there is law and order and the Constitution in the U.S.  Obama and Hillary tried to turn our country into a muslim communist country.


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