We all know that Soros and the Dem’s plan is to cause disruption in the Repub’s town hall meetings and are filling the Repub’s town hall meetings,  I suggest some form of the following ideas be implemented for future “town hall” meetings:

In all elections, whether local or otherwise, Repub’s have to be sure they are a true conservative because Soros’s plans are for the Dem’s to run as a Republican to take over the Repub’s party.  We have to do a better job  of vetting as we can tell with our voting process in the Congress  – we have too many who are really Dem’s.  We continually have people like McCain and Graham in the Senate who are not Repub’s but Dem’s.

They should be just that, attended by citizens from the area that particular congressman represents.  Why not check ID to make sure those constituents have primary access near the podium and the earliest opportunities to ask questions of their congressman? Those not from the represented area may have access to the venue but may ask questions only after those represented.
Anyone violating respect for the congressman or the represented citizens will be escorted out, revealing that they obviously are there to disrupt. Just a thought for “unruly crowd”control.

Time to rethink town halls because of Soros and Dem’s plan.


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