Now that the Congress has rejected Obamacare (so they say, let’s see – how many times since the new president have we heard that Obamacare has been rejected) and moved on to pass a new healthcare bill which will now be sent to the Senate for them to rake it over the coals – what will we have?  It just doesn’t seem to be a workable problem until you confront the truth about any insurance for the American people which is:

You have people with pre-existing conditions which puts a strain on the plan.

You have people who can stay on their parents plan until they are 26.

You have people who can’t afford any plan.

Those are three major ticket items that will have to be addressed before you even start to make any decisions – where will be money come from?  Once that is decided –  you can place plans on the market.  With all of the money that is spent in thin air – you cannot tell me that “X” number of dollars could not be set aside for these items.  If you just take the pork that is in all of these  fake bills – you would have plenty of money.

The next step is to create a plan.

And now the Senate tells us they won’t have a bill until 2018 – that is not good enough.  If they are not  smart enough to put a plan together after having eight years of Obama and they just stood by and waited on him to work the system – then we need new senators.  They kept telling us they had a plan – where is that damn plan the Congress and Senate Republicans were reassuring was ready to go?

It is time to drain the Senate swamp.  It is time for term limits.


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