KOMMONSENTSJANE – Princeton University revives 1920s ballet to protest Trump’s immigration policies — Fellowship of the Minds

Good grief. From NJ.com: In 1921, Congress passed an emergency immigration law limiting the number of foreigners allowed into the United States based on their country of birth, a fearful backlash to the increasing numbers of Poles, Greeks and Italians who arrived in America after World War I. In response, American composer Cole Porter — […]

via Princeton University revives 1920s ballet to protest Trump’s immigration policies — Fellowship of the Minds

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Why does our country struggle so much with the immigration issue?  The rules of the road were – until Obama –  entrance to the country was predicated on being self-sustainable, educated or having an American supporter guarantee.

Then Obama wandered in – and all hell broke loose because this ignorant fella from Chicago had an agenda to “take the country down.”  He then tried for eight years by dealing with obstruction of justice and brought in people from all over the world to disrupt our election process with illegal voters and who were not educated and are preying now on our welfare programs.

And then, and then, we have these snowflakes from the Princeton University elite who have been brain-washed thru Obama’s common core for muslims and do not know what they say or do and are expressing themselves in the format of a ballet – which is for the cultural elite.

Oh! For the good old days when we thought about baseball and apple pie and picnics in the park and going to the beach.

Do you think all of these foreigners know about the good old days – it just doesn’t seem like they have been assimilated yet?  I know they would like apple pie and then when they eat apple pie – we could tell them the story of Adam and Eve and the apple.  No, after further thought, we better just stick to eating the apple pie.

As usual, we know who we let turn our country upside down – OBAMA, HILLARY, AND THEIR ILK – they weren’t told about baseball and apple pie – they were too busy beating and marching to the drum of Alinsky and socialism and BILL WAS TOO BUSY SCREWING WOMEN.



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