Is anyone surprised – I’m not?  American people were the enemy in our own country during Obama’s reign.  He used our money and resources to assist ISIS/muslims for eight years. Also, I am sure there are many more ISIS related people in our government besides this one.  The big one is – the Democratic Party – who have been hijacked by the muslims (Congressmen Keith Ellison and Andre Carson)and communist Bernie Sanders).

That is why Obama hijacked the educational system (common core), the military when they removed all Bibles from within and if anyone mentioned Jesus they were discharged, and the government – all of those czars who were in his government.

Why hasn’t he  and Hillary, plus others, been indicted for treason? Cause we have a bunch of wet noodles who are called Elite Republicans and are trembling in their boots – just even thinking about making the call.

If they are not prosecuted – just think what will happen the next time a democrat is in charge – we will not have a freedom loving country.  We have to insist this happens.  Surely, just with the underground Obama-government which the Democrats have established should tell them something.


Folks, we have to root out all of those people because they are the enemy now.

The Horn News

Shocking! Obama’s FBI-ISIS marriage scandal revealed

May 3, 2017

A shocking new report has uncovered a major cover-up within former President Barack Obama’s administration involving the FBI, a translator, and the Islamic State.

According to court documents, the Obama administration tried to keep quiet that there was a traitor walking free on our streets.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Daniela Greene, an FBI translator with top-secret security clearance, was tasked with investigating a German-born Islamic State terrorist by the Obama administration — but instead fell in love with him.

Documents show that Greene secretly left the United States and moved to Syria in the summer of 2014, where she committed treason and married the Islamic radical, Denis Cuspert. Greene warned Cuspert and his group that “the FBI had an open investigation into his activities.”

Months later, Greene emailed an unknown associate that she was unhappy with her choices and sneaked back to the U.S., and was quickly arrested.

In December 2014, she pleaded guilty to making false statements involving terrorism… and was sentenced to just two years in prison.

“The case was initially sealed by the government, but that seal was quietly lifted in May 2015 and went unnoticed” until court documents were stumbled upon this week, The Detroit Free Press reported.

Now, despite her treasonous act, Greene is walking the streets as a free woman.

According to reports, Obama’s Department of Justice struck a quick deal with Greene’s defense attorneys.

In exchange for her full cooperation, they decided not to charge her with serious crimes.

“According to court documents filed in the case, here is what led to her arrest: On June 11, 2014, Greene told an FBI supervisor in Indianapolis that she was traveling to Germany to see her family. She filled out the required form and listed ‘vacation/personal’ as the reason for going,” The Detroit Free Press reported.

“She was supposed to return July 4. Instead, the FBI says, she went to Syria and married the terrorist she was supposed to be watching. She lived with him for 30 days.”

The Obama administration, which usually issued press releases when it prosecuted cases related to radical Islamic terror, tried to keep the case under wraps.

The U.S. Attorneys office in Washington, D.C. and the Detroit FBI office have both declined to comment on the case since the story broke.




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