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U.S. Supply of Bombs Dwindling Due to Increased Strikes Against ISIS
By Paul

May 2, 2017 11:49AM
Since President Donald J. Trump took office in January he has given our military the authority to take the fight to ISIS, with hopes of finally destroying the terrorist group.

Unlike Barack Obama, President Trump won’t tie the hands of America’s military, and has trusted them to go after ISIS at every opportunity they see appropriate.
Now why would Obama tied the hand’s of America’s military  – any body want to tell me?


This increased effort at destroying ISIS has come with one cost, the U.S. is actually running low on bombs, “forcing munitions to be diverted from the Pacific region to Africa and the Middle East, where the need is most urgent.”

From The Washington Free Beacon:

U.S. Pacific Command has been shipping its stockpile of GPS-guided Small Diameter Bombs to U.S. Central Command as top military officials are pushing for greater urgency on the armed forces lacking the munitions needed for current operations, according to Defense One.

“These are not exciting kinds of weapons; these are mundane sort of weapons,” the PACOM commander, Adm. Harry Harris, told the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday. “But they’re absolutely critical to what we’re trying to do, not only … against North Korea, but also in the fights in the Middle East.”

Harris said the military is also running low on defense contractor Raytheon’s AIM-9X and AIM-120D air-to-air combat missiles for fighter jets.

The military has been facing shortages of smart bombs and guided missiles for well over a year. In December 2015, the Air Force said it was running out of bombs to fight ISIS.

During Obama’s time:



In President Trump’s recent budget proposal he recommended an additional $54 billion in military spending, which should go a long way in having enough bombs and other weaponry to properly defeat ISIS.


During his time in office, Barack Obama never truly understood the threat that ISIS posed to the world, and allowed them to grow under his watch. President Trump has taken a completely different approach, and has refused to second-guess our military’s strategy when it comes to defeating this brutal terrorist group.

This reporter says that Obama never truly understood the threat that ISIS POSED TO THE WORLD.

Maybe this will give this reporter a hint:


(What at bunch of crock – Obama knew well and good what was going on and if this reporter should go back and read – Obama, Hillary, John  McCain, and Lindsey Graham formed ISIS and gave them money and artillery. )


Our military is proud to have a Commander-in-Chief that is committed to their success and will provide them with all the tools necessary to carry out their mission.



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